Bully 2 - The risk worth taken

By Samu Sarka “Zarizi Tech”

This is how it all got started. Me and my friend Samuli were driving in the pro class at the USRCCA Nationals last September. Then we saw these new axles in Snipers truck at the quarry. Samuli told me: "These look pretty cool". I was thinking, that the weight is problem, cause I had been trying to lose weight in my rig for couple of years and was running with XR10 axles.

Three months later just when I was finishing my XR10 pro rig Tomy contacted me in Finnish forum and asked do I have interest to get Bully 2 axles. I asked why and he told me that John is seeking for team drivers to RC4WD to represent Bully 2 axles. I was thinking, that is it risk worth taken? 10 minutes after that, I send my application to John.

Next day I found out that I was one of the drivers chosen to the team RC4WD, so I thought, let’s start building this.

Here is a list of parts that I choose to build it from:
 RC4WD Bully 2
 Nordic Crawler Design SuDu Pro
Links: Nordic Crawler Design Titanium
Motors: Team Brood Racing Stubby 30T HHK-T
ESCs: Castle Creations Micro Sidewinders
BEC: Castle Creations 10A
Servo: Futaba BLS157HV
Batteries: Gens Ace 450mAh 25-50C 3S LiPo
Tires: LaaLaa Skinny Rovers
Wheels: Nordic Crawler Design Carbon Three Piece Specials 0.8"
Foams: LaaLaa Skinny Rover Specials
Shocks: Axial SCX10 Aluminum
Springs: Team Losi Mini-T Silver
Radios: Sanwa MT-4
Skins: Krawler Konceptz
- NCD servo stand
- NCD battery stand
- NCD electric stand
- RC4WD Knuckle Weights

I wanted only the best parts in this project. Day after day the mailman rang the doorbell:


Axles - I was stoked how good the quality of the parts was. Everything seemed to be super strong.


Chassis - Since I had seen some extremely good driving and performances from LaaLaa's SuDu Pro, I didn't hesitate to jump on board. This is just a beautiful and world class chassis.


Links - Tomy from Nordic Crawler Designs did really good looking links matching the SuDu Pro chassis.


Motors - I wanted to get the best motors in the market for the moment, so I bought Team Brood Racing 30T Stubbies.

Other electrics - I decided to continue with my Castle Creations Micro Sidewinders. They have been working well, so no point of changing those. I'm also using CC 10A BEC. Giving power to the electrics is Gens Ace 450mAh 3S LiPo battery.


Servo - With this, I wanted to have only the best in the market. It needs to be fast and strong, so I got Futaba BLS157HV.


Tires and wheels - I had some really good results in previous season with LaaLaa's Skinny Rovers, so that was my choice on this rig as well. Then some beautiful three piece wheels from Nordic Crawler Designs.


Shocks and springs - I got myself a set of Axial SCX10 shocks with Team Losi Mini-T Silver rear springs. This combo seems to be excellent for this use.

Skins - I wanted to have something which could continue the old Cannibal theme. And Michelle designed these. They are just outstanding! If you need skins, don't hesitate to ask Krawler Konceptz.


Radios - I've been running with Futaba 4PKS for two years and wanted to try Sanwa MT-4, because of the lever option for the dig. It feels so much better than the buttons on my 4PKS. So Sanwa was my choice.


Else - Knuckle weight I got from RC4WD and they give me just enough weight for the front axle. All other carbon fiber stuff on the front axle is made by Nordic Crawler Designs.


Everything was now ready for first tests in Finland!

Video from the first and only training session before we left to the Spanish Nationals!


Rig felt awesome to drive. So predictable and sharp, much better that I had with the XR10 axles and old chassis.


Everything was now ready for the first competition with Bully 2 axles and brand new rig.

Arriving in Spain:

We arrived in Spain on Thursday night and got to the comp site on Friday morning. This was the first view. That is something else!


Then I got to training with my mates from Switzerland and Germany. We had a good training session and everything seemed to hold up.


And it was fun to see how well the rig actually did!


Rocks in Spain were insanely grippy, almost as grippy as the ones at Nationals in Prescott, Arizona.

Supercool day to have some crawling training. +20 degrees Celsius and slight breeze from the sea. You simply can't hope anything better!


And in the end of the practice day I was able to climb on one spot that nobody else could manage.


Comp day we arrived early to the comp site. And it got even prettier!


So I took the spot and took photo of my comp rigs. Last night I ensured that every single screw wasn't loose. It always takes a little time but is well worth it at the end.

Picture from Course 3.

This was one of the best courses for me.

Course 1: (-34/-40)

Course 2: (-27/-40)

Course 3: (-30/-40)

Finals course: (+7/-50)

Results of 2.2 Pro class. It feels good to be on top of that list!

VICTORY! I had so much boost of confidence from the rig working so well, that this was the only way that it could come.


Bully 2 - Future pair of axles!

Overall I had one of the best weekends of my life in there. Not only because of the victories, but also because the rigs were working without problems all weekend long. One screw was loose after Fridays test on the knuckle, but that was all of it. Probably best thing about these axles (and you're gonna laugh when I say it) is the weight. They weight ~50g each more than my old XR axles, but they feel so much more stable and predictable to drive. Weight is keeping them down. But on the other hand they don't have too much weight on them, with crushing all the lightweight stuff on top of them. I think these axles are pretty darn good choice for anyone!